Lipitor – Spot

October 4, 2014

A film in 8 different languages with continuity of visual and the same strong brand protection message, that works online, offline and on mobile platforms…

Panasonic – LX7 promo

June 4, 2014

Promo to launch Panasonic’s new LX7 camera…

Lipitor – making of Lipitor

October 4, 2012

Behind the scenes and making of Lipitor…

Panasonic – FZ200 promo

October 4, 2012

Promo to launch Panasonic’s new FZ200 camera…


October 3, 2012

5 second end board for existing Revlon – “Love is in the air” TV ad.


October 3, 2012

Directing, colouring and post production. Illustrator and After Effects.

CENTRE FOR SIGHT – Laser Vision Correction

June 11, 2010

A 30 second TV ad to make viewers aware of their product and brand.

MARINA CELESTE – Love is the First Born

February 3, 2010

Art directing, Illustration, colouring and post production – After Effects. Green screen footage by Basement Film Productions.

ASTELLAS – Barcelona Launch | AV

December 1, 2009

4 AV’s revealing the new brand of ASTELLAS and introducing the “changing tomorrow” vision.

SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) – Doccies Uncut

February 10, 2006

The show Doccies Uncut title opening sequence.